Members Celebrate the Season

On Saturday December 1, the department held its annual Christmas Dinner at the station in downtown Callao. The department's Administration hosted the members, their families, and distinguished guests. A roast beef and turkey dinner with the fixings was enjoyed by all who attended. Following dinner, the department recognized member's receiving Awards for the past year. They were:

President's Awards:

Pamela King for outstanding contribution to the fundraising events and the Ladies Auxiliary of the department.

Jennifer Packett for her contributions to the department as her role of Secretary.


Chief's Awards:

John Frederick

Chris Packett


Department Awards:

Senior Firefighter of the Year: David Woolard

Junior Firefighter of the Year: Josh Bryant

Top Call Runner: Kevin Harrison


The evening concluded with a video compiled of the department's events, trainings, classes, and calls over the past year. A great time of fellowship was had by all, in the start of this upcoming holiday season.

Devin Basye | General

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